Have a Plan
May 18, 2010 started off like a regular day for our family of four. I took my eighteen month old son Jonathan for a routine doctor’s appointment in the morning and we relaxed most of the afternoon since he had a cold. Unfortunately by that evening, his breathing took a turn for the worse. Our son has asthma and so in a mere few hours what is a cold for anyone else is a real trigger for his asthma to worsen.

We ended up in the emergency room and he was admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit. It was a very scary event for our entire family and spurred us to take action in order to have a plan to better control his asthma. We are always looking for updated information on asthma because of this and the PACNJ website serves as a great resource. Since May is Asthma Awareness Month, I am reminded of the importance of using all of the resources available to us to continue to keep our son healthy and keep his asthma under control.

I have been a nurse for over eight years in different capacities, but my most important role is being a mother to my two young boys. Asthma is something that affects my youngest son daily and so it has really inspired me to become as knowledgeable about it as possible in order to help him. My role as Project Coordinator at PACNJ really allows me to not only help my own son, but it also allows me to help educate others going through the same thing.

Melissa Sherman BSN, RN

The most important tool for
our family in controlling our
son’s asthma is the
PACNJ Asthma
Treatment Plan.

We know exactly what to do
and when to do it in order
to help him.
asthma_treatment_planAsthma PAC Action:
Plan for Control
Avoid Your Triggers
Communicate Your Needs

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