These Fathers Know Best
These special Dads are making a huge difference in their children’s lives by taking control of asthma!

Meet Dave and Javani
A Winning Team!
At first Dave found it difficult to get control of Javani’s asthma. He made an appointment with his son’s doctor. The doctor started Javani on the right medications. Javani and his dad entered the “Asthma Improves with Management” (AIM) program.* Dave and Javani learned what asthma is and what they have to do to keep it under control. They knew they were taking the right steps because Javani was finally able to play soccer without having an asthma attack. Javani says he even scored a goal recently!

Secondhand Smoke
Children with asthma may have asthma attacks that are more severe or occur more often in areas where people smoke. Make your home and car smoke free. Follow these tips from the EPA fact sheet, Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and the Health of Your Family” 

Asthma Triggers
Triggers are the things that make your asthma worse and can cause an asthma attack. Follow these
Top Ten Actions to
Control Asthma Triggers in your Home

Dave’s advice to parents:

  • Take the time to keep doctor’s appointments
  • Give your children their asthma medications on schedule
  • Pay special attention to your asthmatic child’s needs
Meet Remy and David
Knowledge is Power!
Remy was struggling with his son’s asthma every time there was a sudden change in temperature and when the seasons changed.  But with the guidance of David’s doctor and by taking the AIM program, things are much better now. Remy says he learned how to use the medical equipment to manage his son’s asthma. He also liked the staff who answered his questions with care and concern. He learned what he could do to prevent his son’s asthma from getting worse when he knew the temperature was going to change.

Remy’s advice to parents:

  • Find a health care provider for your child who will answer your questions about asthma
  • Have the health care provider, or someone chosen by your health care provider, show you how to use the equipment to manage asthma and practice using it before you leave the office
  • Ask your health care provider where you can go to learn more about asthma

“I am so impressed with these Dads! They are so committed to their children’s health,” said Margaret Vasil, LPN, Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C) and Supervisor of the AIM program.*

For more information about the AIM program call: (609) 278-5910.
For asthma that is difficult to control, see an asthma specialist (allergist or pulmonologist).

*AIM (Asthma Improves with Management), offered at the Henry J. Austin Health Center, is a program for families of children with asthma in the Trenton area. Dr. Sariya Pacheco-Smith is the Section Chief of Pediatrics at Henry J. Austin Health Center. Education is provided by Margaret Vasil, LPN, AE-C and Supervisor of the program. Spanish translation and program support is provided by Jayramar Ortiz, Community Outreach Worker. The AIM program provides case management services and community education workshops that teach families how to manage their child’s asthma.

AIM is made possible through a grant from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Office of Minority and Multicultural Health.