For Family and Center Based Child Care Providers:

  • Maintain a smoke free environment inside your facility and on the playground
  • Did you know that being around smoke can cause asthma in children?
  • Distribute and share information to parents on quitting smoking and the dangers of second hand smoke
  • Ask parents to sign the “Our Center is Smoke Free” form pledging they will not smoke on or near the Child Care Setting
  • Secondhand Tobacco Smoke
  • Avoid Tobacco Smoke
  • Our Center is Smoke Free Signature Form

For Administrators and Family Child Care Providers

  • Establish a year round protocol for getting parents to sign the pledge they will not smoke on or near your facility
  • Establish a plan for distributing materials on secondhand smoke and “Quit Smoking” programs to parents and staff
  • Discuss ways to improve compliance in creating a smoke free environment with your staff

Parent’s Resource Corner

Child Care Providers:

  • Distribute above resources to parents and explain what they can do to protect the child’s lungs