State and Federal Laws that Support Asthma Friendly Schools

New Jersey School Laws and Regulations:

Did you know that the New Jersey Asthma Law

  • School districts to allow students to self administer emergency asthma medication if approved to do so?
  • Public and private schools to have and maintain a nebulizer?
  • Annual asthma education opportunities for school physicians and teaching staff?

Did you know that New Jersey Indoor Air Quality Standard for public schools addresses:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Ventilation
  • Microbial contamination
  • Remodeling/renovation issues including advance notice

Schools that meet these requirements will reduce students’ exposure to asthma triggers.

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Federal Laws:

Americans with Disabilities Act – Asthma may interfere with a child’s ability to participate fully in school.  Therefore an environment must be provided where triggers are eliminated/minimized, and medications allowed.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
– Health information is confidential so parents/guardians decide with whom and how the child’s health information is shared in the school setting.

Asthmatic School-Children’s Treatment and Health Management Act of 2004
(An Act to give preference regarding States that require schools to allow students to self administer medication to treat the student’s asthma or anaphylaxis and for other purposes)

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