There are 6 Steps to renew your award:

Each step supports the efforts of New Jersey schools to be in compliance with New Jersey Laws for asthma management and good indoor air quality.

1. Within the past 3 years you have completed the following online PACNJ Asthma Education Programs and taken the quizzes:
Asthma Basics for School Nurses
Gadgets and Gizmos for Asthma Control
Asthma Treatment Plan PowerPoint Program

2. For the past 3 years you have conducted annual asthma education with your school faculty
PACNJ Asthma Management in the Classroom: What Teachers Need
to Know Online PowerPoint Training
must be conducted at least once
in the 3 year period
• You may use other teaching tools for the other 2 years

3. The current school nurse and facilities management staff have attended the NJ PEOSH Designated Person Indoor Air Quality Training Course and;
• The school is in compliance with NJPEOSH regulations
• An Indoor Air Quality Team has been established in the school

4. The Superintendent has signed the No Idling Pledge during the year of the renewal application

5. There is a nebulizer in the school

6. You have completed the Asthma Friendly School Renewal Award Signature Form with dates and signatures and faxed the form to PACNJ.

The Renewal Award is for 3 years.

You will receive a new Asthma Friendly School Award Certificate with the date of your first Asthma Friendly School Award and the date the Renewal Award Expires. You can submit a group picture of the new award for posting on our website. Pictures will be kept on our website for three years.