Child Care Center Takes Action to Control Asthma

Delores Nelson, Director of The Learning Depot child care center in Trenton, NJ and her staff are taking action to be prepared for children with asthma. Staff and parents attended asthma workshops conducted by Margaret Vasil, LPN, AE-C, Program Supervisor of the Trenton AIM Program (Asthma Improves with Management) based at the Henry J. Austin Health Center. The workshops helped them understand and control asthma better. They made changes in the center to make it asthma friendly.

During the workshops they learned:

  • how to check their center to find those things that can make a child’s asthma worse (triggers) such as dust or mold
  • that each child with asthma should have an Asthma Treatment Plan on file at the center. It should list the child’s triggers and medications
  • the importance of using non-toxic cleaning supplies and to clean when children are not present

If your child is in a child care program talk to the teacher about
using these tools:

For more information about the AIM program call: (609) 278-5910

Pictured above: Margaret Vasil (far left)  Delores Nelson (far right) and staff of The Learning Depot

Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma

This is a parent guide from the US Environmental Protection Agency. It provides tips on managing asthma. It has simple steps that tell how to reduce exposure to asthma triggers such as pets and tobacco smoke.  Pictures are included that show how to use the tips.

Parenting Tips to Manage Asthma in the Child Care Setting

Parents and teachers can work together to create asthma friendly child care centers by using the tips on this page. Learn if you should keep your child home when his/her asthma is out of control. Do a spring asthma update. Find out why it is important to have a plan to manage asthma.